MICE Intelligence Magazine / MICE Review Issue 2/2018 - Sustainability

MICE Review Issue 2/2018 - Sustainability

By Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau
Publish Date 17/09/2018

Recently, the UN issued the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 with the objective of driving sustainable development worldwide in the next 12 years. The report clearly stated that over 100 countries around the world are setting policies and measures for a more sustainable way of manufacturing and consumption. It is clear that people worldwide are paying attention to sustainability considered a great challenge to modern development. Sustainability has become an important issue and we must carefully consider our own path to achieve it.

Looking at the overall industry, MICE has held an important role in supporting the path towards sustainability through a wide range of seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to sustainability in terms of society, environment, energy, all of which we are well aware of. Moreover, Thailand is the first country in Asia that promotes green event organization in the MICE industry and applies this idea as a marketing tool.



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