Building Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty

By : JoAnna Brandi
Published : Walk The Talk ,1st ed.
Year Published : 2001
Number Of Page : 49

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Ever ask the question: "How many customers do we lose every year?" Chances are you haven’t. Most businesses are so busy trying to get new customers in the front door that they pay far too little attention to the ones that are walking out the back!  Whether you’re challenged by today’s "soft" economy or you’ve been able to hold your own, one thing’s for sure: Customer Loyalty remains the key to your business success. Your customers ARE your bottom line. And if their business goes elsewhere, so will your profits! 
This handbook will help you prevent that!  The proven concepts found in these pages will heighten everyone’s awareness of the importance of Customer Loyalty ... and equip them with techniques and strategies for building it.




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