MICE Industry Report 2018 - Aviation

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Aviation and logistics industries are large scale industries and have increasing value-added all the time as according to the previous statistics which forecast that the world annual revenue passenger kilometers (World annual RPK) would grow at 4.7 percenteach year (from 2012-2032) and would have a double increase in each 15 yearsfrom 1980. The Uncertainty Around 2019: Traffc Outlook by International Air Transport Association (IATA) identifed that during the past 30 years, the world annual RPK grew 1.7 times higher than the global GDP each year.The main factors are variables that mobilize market development of aviation and logistics industries which are the growth of global economy, the leap and bound evolvement of the developing countries, the extension of free trade, the reducing cost in industries and the phenomenon of the continual expansion of low cost airlines especially in Asia which enjoys fast growth of domestic airlines market especially in China and India which result in the increasing volume of air traffc in the region and in their trading partners. It was forecast that the aviation market in Asia would grow faster than that of the other regions and would over pass the aviation markets in Europe and North America and would become the largest market inthe world within the year 2032. BOEING Company Ltd. also analyzed in WORLDAIR CARGO FORECAST 2018-2037 that the vital factor that supported the expansion of the air cargo market was trade liberalization and the connectivity of global economy, the augmentation of manufacturing sectorsand global economy and the extension of international trade respectively.