Ideas for creative MICE Journeys 2019

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau
Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau
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A MICE Journey Begins
When the demands of MICE travellers have shifted…
They are now looking for something outside the “square room”.
They are now looking for something other than being a “listener”.
What MICE travellers are looking for is “experiences” and the chance to get hands-on, to exchange, to learn, and to truly be touched. Not only are they looking for new experiences, they are searching for new places that can transform memories into stories that can be retold again and again.
“Thailand 7 MICE Magnificent Themes”, the project to develop new MICE products in MICE cities and surrounding cities, was established in order to introduce MICE travellers to experience the MICE journeys in Thailand which offering 7 themes pleasure, categorized into behaviors and demands of MICE travellers. These 7 themes offer MICE activities that will create wonderful memories. The Thailand 7 MICE Magnificent Themes 2019 is the second phase of the project that has selected MICE products from 5 MICE cities and 9 secondary cities. This book shows 115 places to hold MICE activities. Each place boasting its own unique identity. We truly believe that these MICE products will shed a new light on Thailand in the perspective of MICE travellers and inspire Thailand to become a MICE destination in the future.